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I love Dragon types I would prefer to have The Strongest Dragon in sun moon so I don't have to trade but to get the best dragon type in the games.........SCREW FAIRY TYPES I mean Tinkerbell vs Smaug = Death to Smaug= Sadness to me

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Mega Rayquaza.

End of discussion.
I cried in ORAS when the story required Brendan to climb that BAMF into space. So beautiful, so fabulous.

Gorram, Mega Rayquaza is prolly better than Arceus.
We need Mega Altaria back in Sun and Moon
Dragon/Fairy is a sexy typing.

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For the second question, Astronautical is correct, Mega Rayquaza is the strongest Dragon in the game, no questions asked.

For first question, you have lots of options, 3 of them being new to Sun/Moon.

-> Dratini line
-> Bagon line
-> Goomy line
-> Turtonator (new, Sun)
-> Trapinch line
-> Gible line
-> Drampa (new, Moon)
-> Alolan Executor
-> Jangmo-o line (new)

Which one is "strongest" is a matter of personal opinion and the team setting in which it is being used.

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Can i Get Dratini In Sun or Moon? He was one of my favorite pokemons in red and blue i could easily take out the legendary birds only pokemon i think could destroy my dragonite was a Mewtwo .
Alolan Exeggutor is also in Sun.
Most people consider Dragonite, Salamence, Goodra, Garchomp, and Kommo-o as the strongest ones because they have the highest BSTs. Some people would consider Garchomp the strongest of all of them because it gets more usage on Showdown! OU. By the way, you forgot Zygarde.
Hm, dunno how that Moon tag moved from Drampa to Executor....  fixed it though.

Zygarde intentionally omitted as it is legendary.  I do not believe in using them for serious team building.  Feels like cheating.
He didn't ask for dragon Pokemon that didn't feel like cheating. You're supposed to give the entire answer that he asked for.

Also, Zygarde 50%'s BST is the exact same as every pseudo-legendary, and its slightly lacking movepool causes people to use Garchomp over it. It's actually not very strong when you consider the technical details. Zygarde 10% is even weaker.
10% is a piece of wet paper. It is in no way cheating. I used it in my playthrough, and it was flimsier than Dugtrio.
You also forgot Guzzlord.
zygarde is really good competitively, both 10% and 50%. it doesn't even need any other moves when it has thousand arrows
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Why? well it has a great movepool, it's hidden ability can tank out alot of super effective moves like thunder, and this thing is just a beast. This is the Dragonite I use and it can take out a mega rayquaza no problem:
Dragonite(Item: Leftovers)
Nickname: Myth(this Pokemon is rarely seen in the wild, and in ancient times, beleived to be the guardian of the sea)
Ability: Multiscale
Thunder(type coverage for pkmn like Kingdra and Areodactyl)
Hurricane/Fly(either evasion or confusion)
Dragon Pulse/Dragon Tail(sheer strength or just switch fest)
Waterfall(type coverage)
Super/Hyper Training: ATTACK, HP, DEFENSE, SP.DEFENSE (SPEED is optional)
now the reason the moves on my Dragonite change is because it can have multiple moves that can demolish your opponent.
So Dragonite is, both my opinion and not, the most powerful dragon type Pokemon.
I mean Rayquaza is great, but some of it's stats are lousy. and just because it can mega evolve doesn't mean it's
more powerful entirely. it and Dragonite have the same typing, but very different movesets.

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Zygarde Complete Forme
It is very powerful, besides it is a legendary and they say it "Overwhelms even Xerneas and Yveltal." And Zygarde has 4 powerful signature moves:
Thousand Arrows
Thousand Waves
Land's Wrath
Core Enforcer