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Also, what is the fastest bug type Pokemon. I wanted a bug type Pokemon on my Secondary team, but don't know which one to choose.


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Ninjask is the fastest Bug-type Pokemon to date, outspeeding even Mega Evolutions with it's insane 160 base Speed.

The Bug type with the highest BST is Golisopod, with a 530 BST. In-game, you'll want to go hyper-offensive, so here's a set:

Golisopod (any item)
Ability: Emergency Exit
Natures and EVs don't matter
-First Impression
-Leech Life
-Iron Head

If you're including the IOA, then Volcarona has the highest BST, at 550.

Volcarona (any item)
Ability: Flame Body
Natures and EVs don't matter
-Quiver Dance
-Fiery Dance
-Bug Buzz
-Giga Drain/Psychic

With the CT now released, Pheromosa has the highest BST at 570.

Pheromosa @ Any Item
Ability: Beast Boost
-High Jump Kick
-Poison Jab
-Drill Run

The Bug type introduced in Galar with the highest BST is Centiskorch, at 525.

Centiskorch (any item)
Any ability, I would recommend Flash Fire
Natures and EVs don't matter
-Fire Lash
-Lunge/Leech Life
-Crunch/Thunder Fang

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It's Golisopod, not Centiskorch. And Volcarona beats them both if you include IoA.
Ah, I thought they meant Galarian Bug type
Does Volcarona really need Heavy-Duty Boots? In-game opponents rarely have hazards. The exceptions are Klara, with Toxic Spikes, and Chairman Rose with Sharp Steel, but you can heal up really easily.
What would you recommend then?
In-game, it doesn't really matter. Maybe a Charcoal? It's not too useful in competitive, but it works fine in regular play.
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Highest BST Bug type (no IoA):
Golisopod (530)

Orbeetle (505), Centiskorch (525), and Shuckle (505) are very close to highest BST.

Highest BST Bug type (including IoA/CT):
Pheromosa (570)

Volcarona comes in second at 550 BST. Pinsir, Scyther, Scizor, and Heracross tie at a respectable total as well (500). Armaldo, the only fully evolved Bug type reintroduced in the Crown Tundra, has a BST of 495.

Fastest Bug type (no IoA/CT):
Ninjask (160 base Speed)

Accelgor (145 base Speed) and Galvantula (108 base Speed) are also quite fast.

Fastest Bug type (including IoA/CT):
Ninjask (160 base Speed)

Pheromosa comes in second with 151 base Speed. Scolipede, especially one with Speed Boost, is also fast (112 base Speed).

Hope I helped!

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Including the IOA/CT though it would still be Ninjask?
Oops. I thought Pheromosa was faster than Ninjask.
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Volcarona has the highest BST out of every bug type in SWSH, with a BST of 550.

The fastest Bug type in SWSH is Ninjask, with base 160 Speed.

Hope this helps! :)

Y, you should put one that is not in Isle of Armor as well you know...
Er, sorry, lol. I was simply stating what's available in SWSH in general, I wasn't quite thinking about the DLC & what Pokemon would have the highest BST without it.