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So I'm learning a good deal about red/blue/yellows DV and EV system.
My questions lie with the EVS.
If EVs are added according to the base stats of a Pokemon you beat and the cap of EVs is around that 65k mark I wonder if fighting Ditto in Cerulean Cave is the best choice for an all-rounded EV trained Pokemon.
shows that the only two Pokemon with completely rounded stats are Mew and Ditto. Since I prefer not to abuse any glitches to fight Mew to EV train would this make fighting Ditto my best option considering I plan to stop leveling my Pokemon at 70 for a local tournament?
Bonus question: I understand the cap for EVs is 65k. Now is this for EACH stat or all of them together? If it's all together then may I train say... 32k in Speed and 32k in special?
Thank you for your time.
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EV banks on the original system were completely independent of each other. The 65K limit is per stat, and you can max out all of the stats at once instead of having to settle for two of them.