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What percent does "(Pokemon's name) (stat reduced) fell!", and "(Pokemon's name) (stat reduced) harshly fell!" reduce?

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It is in levels with a maximum of 6 up or down, but I'm not sure what the level is. If you find out -

  • harshly fell = lowered by 2 levels - Draco meteor's recoil harshly lowers Sp attack
  • fell = lowered by one level- tail whip lowers defence by one level
  • rose = went up by one- defence curl raises defence by one level
  • rose sharply = went up by two- swords dance raises attack by 2 levels
  • EDIT- thanks to hex- drastically = went up by three (only applies to 2 moves- tail glow & cotton guard)

The maximum of levels you can lower your opponents or your stats is 6 levels & the maximum you can raise your or your opponents stats is 6 levels.

Simple doubles the effects of stat raising or lowering moves- with simple, tail glow will automatically max the Sp. Attack stat boost ( instead of raising by 3 levels, it raises by 6)

EDIT: see this question for the levels. They are: x1.5, x2.0, x2.5, x3.0, x3.5, x4.0.

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With the attack/defense stats, each level raises it/lowers it by 50% of the original stat. So, if you had a garchomp with 300 attack, after using swords dance, its attack would be 600.
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1 stage rose is 50%

2 stages sharply/harshly is 100% (double or halfed)

3 stages Drastically 150% (only applies to Cotton Guard and Tail Glow)