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I wanted to get a Ninetails with blizzard aurora veil moonblast and calm mind. I've bred over 20 vulpixes but not a single one of them has had the timid nature. And even after that I have to worry about the ninetails having the hidden ability and having the +31 iv. Is there an easier way to do this? I was told that if you bred a ditto with the everstone with a ninetails the ditto's nature would be passed on however in order to get the moonblast move I needed to breed with primarina.


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The Everstone trick is not limited to Ditto. When a parent Pokemon is holding an Everstone, the offspring will ALWAYS have the same nature as that parent. This is a pretty essential tool for any breeding operation.

Another essential tool for competitive breeding is the Destiny Knot. If either of the parents are holding it, the offspring are guaranteed to inherit 5 of their 6 IVs from the parents. However, the 6th IV will still be random. You also can't choose or influence which parent the IVs comes from -- it will still be picked at random, but it will always match one of the parents.

With regards to Hidden Abilities, it is preferable to use a female with the Hidden Ability. The offspring will inherit the HA at a higher rate than if the male is the parent with it. This is why it is favored to have the Ditto taking the male role after you have your Egg Moves in order.

The male has no chance to pass down the HA if breeding with a female! 52 froakie eggs later... I realised I needed to breed with ditto!
Hm...  I've passed with a male + female pair from the male before.  It's just significantly lower.  Only 20% I think.
The 20% is when a male breeds with a ditto.