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I just caught a Slowbro in the Abundant Shrine. I need the King's Rock to evolve it. Any help appreciated!

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Slowbro can't evolve. Only Slowpoke evolves into Slowking.

It can be found on Route 13. You also have a 1% chance of getting one after battle with a Pokemon who has the ability Pickup at level 11-30. Poliwhirl, Politoed, Poliwrath, Hariyama, Slowking, and Slowbro all have a 5% chance of holding a King's Rock.

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Whoops! Thanks, though:)
I don't get it. Is it like there's one that can be found on the ground at route 13? Or do you have to use a pokemon with pickup and battle the pokemon you listed to get it? Or is it both?
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You can get one from treasure hunter. Thats how I got mine

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This might sound impossible but if you raise a pokemon 99 levels and show it to the pokemon fan club chairman he'll give you 1

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Where is he?
He is in Iccirus City