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ive wanted a giratina for a while now. so I tried out the GTS. it took a while but I finally got my Giratina. however, I cant remember what Pokemon I traded for the Giratina. its no big deal, but I would like to know if I can check that somehow. I have found other questions related to this. telling me to go to the global link website and log in and check there. I have done this, however when I go to check on the GTS section it shows two trades. which I have done, I know that. but it says "there is no data to display". is there any other way to check what kind of Pokemon I traded for that Giratina?


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Well, no, however, when I sign into the PGL, go to profile, and go to GTS, I can see what Pokemon I offered, which Pokemon I received, and who sent me the other Pokemon. If you haven't had a game sync, I'd suggest to do so, after your game sync, the PGL page will display the correct information. (A game sync occurs every time you connect to the internet, but the PGL doesn't like conducting these within a short time period of each other).
Source: I checked the PGL myself