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Just wondering, because my Medicham has 96 attack, if when it uses Power Trick if:

•Pure power doubles new defense stat (107, 192)
•Pure power doubles new attack stat (214, 96)
•Pure power doesn't affect battle stats (107, 96)


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Power Trick and Power Split (plus Guard Split and Speed Swap for other stats) are unique in that they change the values at the level of raw stats. You take raw stats into account before any modifiers such as Pure Power, so if the raw stats are normally 96/107 (with Pure Power doubling the 96 to 192), Power Trick changes it so that the raw stats are temporarily counted as 107/96, so Pure Power now doubles the 107 instead and turns it into 214.

If Medicham had a +1 attack modifier as well, you apply that before Pure Power. From 96, +1 gets you to 144, then Pure Power doubles to 288; from a Power Tricked 107, +1 goes to 160 (you have to round the fractional part down), then double to 320 (instead of 321 which you would get if Pure Power applied before a +1, or 322 if the fraction rounded up).

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Pure Power does not affect your attack stat in battle. It is not a modifier so you could have pure power with 3 swords dances and the swords dances would be a modifier, so the swords dances are not affected by pure power.

Pure Power only doubles your base stat of the Pokemon.

Hope I helped! :D