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Well first I try and do it and it says I need to make a trainer account or something and then I need one for a parent as well which I didn't get

secondly I want a fergaligator with the ability sheer force how do I do this, do I just put it in the bed or do I have to do something else.and how long would I have to leave it for??

I don't get the dream world :-P

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Yah the dream world is a hard place to understand at first. But don't worry. First you get your "game sync ID" at the main menu in the "game sync settings" option and it will give you the code. Next you go to the "pokemon-gl.com" website. First your requried to make the trainer club account first so do that. After you set one up press the game sync icon and type your sync code. And the game sync is done. If you put a pokemon to sleep on your ds then you will see it on the dream world in the computer. There you can interact with it kinda like a online pet. Once it learns the ability in the dream world it will know it when it wakes up which you do in the computer. I hope this helps

It doesn't just learn the ability, you have to find the pokemon in the marvelous(or something) forest and find the pokemon there to have the dream world ability. SO until they release Feraligatr, you can't get the DW ability