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I got the item ring target but apparently all its good for is enabling your pokemon to be hit by a otherwise uneffective move. The lady you get it from says its hard to use. Anyone know a good way to use it?


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You can trick it on to another opponent, then use a move that normally wouldn't hit it, ex. Earthquake on Gengar.

Smart one,limeknight!
It would also work with Heal Pulse on a teammate like Gengar. But then of course, your teammate is susceptible to moves like Earthquake.
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This will only work in a double battle.
Trait: Magic Guard
Nature:Modest (-Atk, +Sp atk)
252 def 126 spd 126 sp. def
Item: Ring target
role play(must be with a pokemon with klutz)
trick( switch item with annoying flying/metagross/bronzong)
toxic( poison on annoying metagross/bronzong)

this will take some time to set up, so try to stay alive