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This is confusing me to the point I need to ask it. What in the world is Pokèmon Quest? What is the point of the game? To me this looks like Pokèmon got mixed with crossy road and Minecraft. What is the game trying to be? I really don’t get the game and before getting it I want to know what is this game before getting it and yes, I have watched the trailer.

Well it is free. Why not just give it a go?
Also, I believe this game is trying to be the Switch version of Pokémon Rumble.

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Within Pokemon Quest, players will be able to befriend a number of different Pokemon creatures by making use of the items they'll find throughout the adventure. Players will also be able to set up their own team of up to three different Pokemon that can do battle across the entire island.

Pokemon Quest is basically a spin-off Pokemon game where you play as a Pokemon and battle opposing Pokemon on an island. It is very similar to Pokemon Rumble. There is also a base camp mechanic where you can decorate homes, and you can upgrade your Pokemon with Power Stones you get by winning battles. It's basically a small, spin-off game, but it is free, so I would recommend buying it. There are in-app purchases, which you can buy if you really enjoy the game.


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