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Pokemon Quest is for the Kanto Region which has 151 Pokemon.

Probably has something to do with the game not being successful, thus the people who made it didn't seem inclined to update it with more pokemon.
or maybe because mew was an event pokemon they decided to remove it from this game comepletely??
Are you asking why it’s Kanto only or why Mew is missing? Because if it’s the second, Mew is in Quest. It’s a rare spawn for the legendary stew.
Game Freak logic
I’m quite certain there are actually 151, and Mew is hidden for its rarity

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There are 151 Pokemon. Mew is in the same location as all of the other legendary Pokemon. Stage 12, (Happenstance Island.)

Source: experience and below me

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There are 151 Pokemon in Pokemon quest just mew is hidden because it is so rare . And there are no more regions because its purpose was to be a kanto remake aimed at younger children.

This is the correct answer. I know this from experience.