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It says “Your age does not meet the requirements, so you cannot purchase additional content.” I understand that it’s saying I can’t buy it because of my age, but is there any way to get around this? Or do I just need to wait until I’m old enough to buy it?

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Wait .
Just change your date of birth to be a different year. Not like the police will come or anything.
But how? If you can correctly explain how to change my DOB, and make it an answer, I’ll BA you.
If you mean from Date & Time in System Settings, no, that doesn’t work. It gives me an error code every time I try to do anything time related.
@EvilTwinNeedle Well, I never played Pokemon Quest before so idk if it works like that.
Change your birthday on your account on Nintendo's website, not the switch

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It's because of the date you put in your Nintendo Switch account.
You set your account age to be under 18 years old, which is too young for Pokemon Quest Microtransactions. It can be fixed by changing your birthday on the Nintendo website, as quoted by Gekky

Change your birthday on your account on Nintendo's website, not the switch
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I may be wrong, but if I am be sure to tell me my mistake via comment.

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Oof. I wish I could do that, but I’m actually playing Pokémon Quest on mobile, not on the switch. :/

If you can’t find any way to lie about your age on an iPad except through Date & Time, then let me know and I’ll BA you.
Wait, PKMN Quest is on Mobile? I didn't know sorry. I'm going to hide this answer soon, I'm just keeping this comment/answer up for a while so you can be aware of it before I hide it.
No, it’s okay. If you can’t find out how to lie about your age on mobile, I can’t either. Sorry for wasting your time, thanks for the answer.
Oh... Alright then. Ty for the BA anyways
No problem :)