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A native Pokemon is a Pokemon that can be found in its region's Local Pokedex. So Pokemon that are able to be found through methods like Swarms and or, are displayed as ??? when obtained without the national dex do not count.

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not an answer but literally all new gen 8 mons are only native to one region lol
brilliant. Absolutely amazing /s
Blitzle/Zebstrika are only in Unova, I think. Glameow/Purugly are only Sinnoh, and Cherubi/Cherrim are only Sinnoh and Galar. Stantler is only Johto.

Update: With Legends: Arceus out, Stantler can also be found in Hisui. Glameow and Cherubi are in multiple regions if you consider Sinnoh and Hisui as different.
Blitzle is the only Pokemon from a previous Gen that can only be found in one place in one game. Route 3 in B/W

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Excluding Gen - 7 / 8 'mons, Starters, Mythicals and Legends(obviously)

Found in only one region:

  • Stantler (Johto)
  • Breloom (Hoenn)
  • Kricketune (Sinnoh)
  • Purugly (Sinnoh)
  • Leavanny (Unova)
  • Zebstrika (Unova)
  • Sawsbuck (Unova)
  • Eelektross (Unova)
  • Vivillon (Kalos)
  • Gogoat (Kalos)

Found in only two regions:

  • Venomoth (Kanto / Johto)
  • Furret (Johto / Kalos)
  • Unown (Johto / Sinnoh)
  • Jumpluff (Johto / Kalos)
  • Forretress (Johto / Alola)
  • Sunflora (Johto / Unova)
  • Hitmontop (Johto / Galar)
  • Donphan (Johto / Hoenn)
  • Ursaring (Johto / Kalos)
  • Mightyena (Hoenn / Kalos)
  • Dustox (Hoenn / Sinnoh)
  • Beautifly (Hoenn / Sinnoh)
  • Shiftry (Hoenn / Galar)
  • Swellow (Hoenn / Kalos)
  • Illumise (Hoenn / Kalos)
  • Volbeat (Hoenn / Kalos)
  • Swalot (Hoenn / Kalos)
  • Staraptor (Sinnoh / Kalos)
  • Bibarel (Sinnoh / Kalos)
  • Luxray (SInnoh / Isle of Armor)
  • Rampardos (Sinnoh / Alola)
  • Bastiodon (Sinnoh / Alola)
  • Wormadam (Sinnoh / Kalos)
  • Mothim (Sinnoh / Kalos)
  • Cherrim (Sinnoh / Galar)
  • Mismagius (Sinnoh / Alola)
  • Chatot (Sinnoh / Kalos)
  • Lumineon (Sinnoh / Alola)
  • Watchog (Unova / Kalos)
  • Unfezant (Unova / Galar)
  • Simisage (Unova / Kalos)
  • Simisear (Unova / Kalos)
  • Simipour (Unova / Kalos)
  • Excadrill (Unova / Galar)
  • Musharna (Unova / Galar)
  • Maractus (Unova / Galar)
  • Confragius (Unova / Galar)
  • Klinklang (Unova / Galar)
  • Swanna (Unova / Kalos)
  • Galvantula (Unova / Galar)
  • Seismitoad (Unova / Galar)
  • Bouffalant (Unova / Isle of Armor)
  • Diggersby (Kalos / Galar)
  • Florges (Kalos / Alola)
  • Pyroar (Kalos / Alola)
  • Furfrou (Kalos / Alola)
  • Meowstic (Kalos / Galar)
  • Aromatisse (Kalos / Galar)
  • Slurpuff (Kalos / Galar)
  • Barbaracle (Kalos / Galar)
  • Gourgeist (Kalos / Galar)
  • Avalugg (Kalos / Galar)
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cool! it saddens me that furret isn't in any of the recent games lol
Do you have a source..?
No, I literally checked everyone's pokedex pages. For example:

STantler has only 2 local numbers, from GSC and HgSs. And they are Johto games. So they are only native to Johto.
mad lad
Stantler, Ursaring and Avalugg can now also be found in Hisui. Florges will be in the Scarlet and Violet region.
Scatterbug can be found in Hau'oli City in USUM.

Eelektross can be found in Poni Grove in Alola (SM/USUM_Island Scan).

Deerling can be found on Rt. 117 in ORAS using DexNav.

Zebstrika can be found in various Mirage Spots in ORAS (Areas 09-12 and Area 22).

Leavanny can be found in Poni Meadow in Alola (SM/USUM_Island Scan). Sewaddle can be found on Rts. 101 and 104 in ORAS.

Purugly can be found in various Mirage Spots in ORAS (Areas 02-04 and Area 16). It can also be found in PLA.

Kricketune can be found in the National Park (HGSS_Post-NatDex, THU+SAT), the Dreamyard (BW), and various Mirage Spots (ORAS_Area 08 and Areas 17-20). It can also be found in PLA.

Shroomish can be found in the Great Marsh (DPPl), in Viridian Forest (HGSS_Post-NatDex), and on Rt. 11 (Black only).

Stantler can be found in Altering Cave (Emerald), Safari Zone (Emerald also), on Rt. 207 (Pearl only + Platinum_PokeRadar), Abundant Shrine (BW), and a Mirage Spot (ORAS_Area 17). It can also be found in PLA.

THIS leaves Skiddo-line the ONLY one native to one game.
The question said that any methods of obtaining Pokemon exclusively through the post game are excluded.
Native means simply included in the national pokedex of the respective regions ig