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Or does it's moveset stay the same as it was from the original game it was in? Take Eevee, can I teach it Baby-Doll Eyes?

Well, you can teach it a Gen6 move in Gen 6. Just not in previous generations.
If you brought the eevee up, then the game won't stop you.

In other words: Why wouldn't it?

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Supposing the Pokemon is already transferred to gen 6, then yes. Same as transferring from gen 5 to gen 6, once transferred, it remains in that generation, and its moveset will change accordingly. This is part of the reason you cannot transfer Pokemon backwards in generations, with the exception of gen 2's Time Capsule. If you want to teach a Pokemon in gen 1 a gen 6 learned move, it would fail, as it would be using its learnset from gen 1. Long story short, whenever you move a Pokemon into a different generation, the Pokemon's moveset reflects that generation.

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