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Ok so someone link traded with me and they had a WHOLE bunch of shiny Pokemon. Like, a lot. They were nice enough to trade me a shiny Yvetal for a Sogaleo and when I looked at the Ivs of the Yvetal, it had 6 perfect Ivs... What? How many hundreds of soft resets would you have to go through to get a 6 Iv shiny legendary lol. The OT was Pokenursery, is it hacked or something? Not like Im getting rid of it if it is haha.

That yvental seems hacked. Most hacked pokemon are shiny, have 6 31 IVs and have perfect natures. Apparently your account is banned from the 3DS if you own a hacked pokemon. But thats what i think happens cuz idk
Was there a Yveltal event recently?
But itw the wrong OT for it to be the event yveltal
Not a full answer.
I think it came from a twitch tv trading giveaway ???? (Idk lol) named **PokeNursery**. Does it have Choice Scarf? And its moveset is Oblivion Wing, Foul Play, U-Turn and Dark Pulse. I think the Yvetal is cloned, most times Pokemon are cloned for giveaway.
More info: http://picbear.online/pokenursery

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Poke Nursery is a twitch streamer that gives any Pokemon for 6IV Shiny Pokemon that you can edit. I use this stream to get mega stones so this stream is not all bad. this person you traded happens to watch this pokenursery stream.

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oh cool! Theres some crazy pokemon on there. Are they legal? Thanks!
they are you can use them on battle spot
I think the pokemon are clones for giveaway.