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OK, so here's my situation. I hatched a shiny honedge that has roughly 1 attack IV and 30 special attack IVs. will a swords dance or two be enough to make a physical sweeper moveset useable, or should I just try and make do with his iffy special movepool?

Edit: his nature is Quiet, which was why I was considering a special moveset in trick room. His defense IV is 15, and Sp. Def is 26.

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What are the Aegislash's Speed IV's? If it has low Speed IV's, then you could go for a mainly Special Tank set, like,
an Aegislash holding an Iron Ball, EV's could be 252 SpA, 252 SpD, and 4 Atk, and the moveset could be King's Shield/Toxic/Gyro Ball/Shadow Ball. It has 26 SpD IV's, which is pretty good, and, if you get Bottle Caps, you can max out the physical attack IV.
You probably won't have time to use swords dance since you will automatically be changed to blade form when you use it. Then you will have very low defence and will probably be OHKOed if your opponent is slower. Quiet nature is definitely good for this though, as less things will out-speed it.
Aegislash becomes blade form only when it attacks.
just use bottle caps
That’s not what happened to me in the battle tower •~• (my attempt at a confused face)

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Physical Pokémon are extremely hindered by, Burns, Fur Coat, and other things that ruin physical Pokémon, if you have a choice Special would be better, but, Swords dance could make up for all the hindering moves and items that opponents will use.

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He's/She's trying to make due with what he/she already has.
Yeah. And I don't think GulpNGo is gonna do another in ANY case. Since, Gulp has a shiny one, DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD IT IS TO GET A SHINY WITH THE IVS YOU WANT?!!
Do another what? Anyway, Special Agislash is still the best choice for this Agislash, especially since it has Quiet nature.