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OK, so here's my situation. I hatched a shiny honedge that has roughly 1 attack IV and 30 special attack IVs. will a swords dance or two be enough to make a physical sweeper moveset useable, or should I just try and make do with his iffy special movepool?

Edit: his nature is Quiet, which was why I was considering a special moveset in trick room. His defense IV is 15, and Sp. Def is 26.

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Depends on the requirements of the team, to be honest.

While physical Aegislash has an edge over special, the latter is still fine if your team needs a special tank.  **The IVs in both defences will come into play while attacking, so that's something you want to check as well.**

Initially I'd swear by a physical Shadow Sneak+Kings Shield+ (SD or attacking moves), but after using a special Aegislash to great effect, I found a Sub+Kings Shield+Flash Cannon+ Shadow Ball worked fine as well, against lower tiers. Obviously if you're running against Ubers (which I assume isn't the case), then it's not very good, but for online battles it can stall unprepared teams till kingdom come (with leftovers).

Going the special route means  forgoing Gyro Ball and Shadow Sneak, but if neither of those are an issue, then Flash Cannon and Shadow Ball are great moves. Since one slot is definitely fixed for Kings Shield, you only have to worry about whether you prefer Sub or Toxic or Shadow Sneak (useful for revenge killing a fast mon that survived with red health) for the other slot.

To summarise, the only real issue I see with using a special movepool is losing access to Gyro Ball and/or Shadow Sneak. If Sacred Sword is a must for your set, then the cons outweigh the pros, so you can have Swords Dance/Kings Shield/Shadow Sneak/Sacred Sword.

Before all this, though, **check your defence IVs, those are the most important here!!**
If you could give your Aegislash's nature, that would help.
I say special atc since in balde from special is 150
I say breed a new one with the attack and special attack IVs swapped.
Here are some special moves of Aegislash:
Level up: None.
Egg: None.
Tutor: Shock Wave and Snore.
Pre-evolution: None.
TM: Hidden Power, Hyper Beam, Shadow Ball, Round, and Flash Cannon.
Transfer Only: None.
If you think about teaching your Aegislash Shadow Ball and Flash Cannon and then two status moves (King's Shield, etc, it won't work out, well, it could. You could try giving it the white herb to counter intimidate or the lum berry to counter burns). Also, natures are everything.
Given that the pokemon is shiny, I doubt. GulpNGo wants to breed another. Also... special Aegislash is actually good, and is what is most common in most forms of doubles. I, too, usually use physical for singles, but I think given the circumstances, special will work very well.
The answer also depends on the format. What format do you want to use this Aegislash in?

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Physical Pokémon are extremely hindered by, Burns, Fur Coat, and other things that ruin physical Pokémon, if you have a choice Special would be better, but, Swords dance could make up for all the hindering moves and items that opponents will use.

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He's/She's trying to make due with what he/she already has.
Yeah. And I don't think GulpNGo is gonna do another in ANY case. Since, Gulp has a shiny one, DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD IT IS TO GET A SHINY WITH THE IVS YOU WANT?!!
Do another what? Anyway, Special Agislash is still the best choice for this Agislash, especially since it has Quiet nature.