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So I recently watch a video saying that Zeraora had been released July 13th 2018 is that true?


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Zeraora is finally going to be obtainable in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon, with the release of this new event allowing players to get Zeraora in Japan! A worldwide release is speculated for October 2018 at the latest, but players will be able to trade and obtain Zeraora as early as July 17th 2018!

Also, from 0:52 - 1:06, it said that "there will be a Zeraora Event in Japan for the movie "Pokémon: Everyone's Story" starting July 13th to September 30th, 2018 for the Pokémon Ultra Sun/Moon games.


I thought Zeraora was going to be released in December, but I could be wrong  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
That's for Japan atm. Later on, possibly December, it'll be released for US.
Oh, right, I knew that... I was just cryptically talking about the US Zeraora event without knowing I was being cryptic.