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I think it’s a guard break move and I hold a bit it comes out looking like will-o-wisp to

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There is no way to use Minimize, you just use it.
I think he wanted to know how to use Minimize as in, how to make Chandelure's use Minimize (do you get what I am saying?).
So it’s about how this creature shrinks its body mass. Wait a minute, this is Pokken.
Yep, its Pokken Tournament DX.

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Minimize, Moonblast, and such are charge attacks. That means you need to hold down the A button until you begin glowing. On release the attack will come out.


Note: Minimize's purpose is to be used as a dodge and can be cancelled with a Y or A attack.

The reason you kept using Will-O-Wisp is because you have to press the A button to use Will-O-Wisp, but for Minimize, you have to press and hold the A button, so the game thought you just pushed the A button because you didn't hold it long enough.

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