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I get why a lot of other moves with the same effect have that effect but why Dragon Rush? It makes no sense.

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dragon rush user slams on the opponent while using it.

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If you look at all of the other moves that deal double damage against Pokemon who have used Minimize, which are Stomp, Steamroller, Body Slam, Flying Press, Heat Crash, Heavy Slam, and Malicious Moonsault, you'll realize that all of them have to do with crushing or slamming into the Pokemon that it's used on with a high amount of force. The same applies for Dragon Rush. Have you read its in game description?

The user tackles the foe while exhibiting overwhelming menace. It may also make the target flinch.

Now look at Minimize's in game description.

The user compresses all the cells in its body to raise its evasiveness.

Think of a Pokemon under the effects of Minimize as an ant as a Pokemon using one of those moves above as John Cena. I very highly doubt that an ant could survive a body slam from any human, much less John Cena.

Sources: This and this.

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Your second as should be an and (as an ant as a Pokemon using ----> as an ant, and a Pokemon using) :P
Stakataka is heavier than John Cena. Your second should be a Stakataka.
Correct, Dragon Fish's animation: https://m.bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/File:Dragon_Rush_VII_2.png
Oh why John Cena + Stakataka memories. I think you know what i'm talking about Stakatacool :P
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Minimize makes the user affected by a status condition called Minimize (is baton passable). Its effect is:

A Pokémon that has used the move Minimize (or had the effect passed to it via Baton Pass) will be affected more harmfully by some moves.

From Generation II onward, Pokémon that have used Minimize will take double damage from Stomp. From Generation V onward, Pokémon that have used Minimize will also receive double damage from Steamroller. In Generation VI, Pokémon that have used Minimize will take double damage from Body Slam, Dragon Rush, Flying Press, and Phantom Force; also in Generation VI, all of these moves will always hit a target that has used Minimize.


It is a way that makes logical sense, and punishes minimizers that use evasion. It is a balancing status condition, and makes sense (a smaller Pokemon gets crushed harder than a larger one would).

Hope I helped!