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The post made by the user ReviewDis in particular.
He posted a moveset saying at one point:

>Then You Use Sleep Talk And It Will %100 Be On Fissure, Sheer Cold And Or Rest. But Sheer Cold And Fissure Would Never Miss.

I checked Sleep Talk on Bulbapedia, but all it shows is "--%". I don't know if that means:

  1. infinite accuracy for the move, like shown on the Aerial Ace page,


  2. Sleep Talk will take the accuracy of the move being used.

So, does Sleep Talk bypass the accuracy check no matter the move, or was the user mistaken??


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That user is sadly mistaken.

Source: I went on PO and used a Rest + Sleep Talk Walrein using that combo and Sheer Cold. I got to sleep and used Sleep Talk and it chose Sheer Cold and is missed.

It also missed about 2 more times before I RQ'd and came to write this answer ^^

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Could not have asked for a better answer. Thank You