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Besides the ultra sun UB

I believe it is possible to complete the Sun's dex, but you need to be able to trade between games (not using Pokemon Bank) and SOS for some Pokemon :P

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You can complete Sun’s dex with Sun and Ultra Moon.

You cannot, however, complete Ultra Moon’s dex with those two games because of the Ultra games’ expansion of the Pokedex which includes some new version exclusives, which include:

  • The Houndour family
  • The Golett family
  • The Clauncher family
  • Some fossil Pokémon, including the Omanyte, Anorith, and Tyrunt families
  • Blacephalon (as you mentioned)

I believe that’s it. Please let me know if I am missing anything.


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Fossils are not version-exclusive on the Ultra side: even though Olivia's shop only sells half of them depending on version, you can still get the other half by exploring the Poke Pelago cave.
Ok thanks
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you can with wi-fi and a little bit of luck by...

-wonder trade

-asking people on forums to trade

Trading probably doesn't count as "only using S and UM", so this probably doesn't answer the question.