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sentert can learn cut and surf should I use him for cut and surf?

Do you mean to use Sentret/Furret as an HM Slave?
what is this

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Don't use Sentret for battling because there's no good reason to use Sentret when you can use something better, like Spearow. Don't use it as an HM slave (a Pokemon that uses HM moves but doesn't battle) either, because Tentacool and Krabby can both learn more HMs than Sentret, so use one of those instead.

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If it's an HM slave, then yes. But if it's not, do not give it Cut but DO give it Surf.

Nature: Naughty
252 Sp Attack/ 4 Speed
Charge Beam

Surf has good power, and after a few Charge Beams, can deal some good damage. Charge Beam works well with Surf. Dig if you don't want to take 10 turns to take out a Rock-type. And after a few Agilities, you may outspeed some speedy Pokémon. Hope I helped!

change beam doesn't exist in crystal
You didn't specify that this is for Crystal. If it is in Crystal then replace Surf and Charge Beam with Slam and Rest.
Oops, you did. Sorry.