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when my Pokemon levels up, as well as the usual yello stat boosting numbers, there are little blue bonus ones for suposedly random stats. they aren't EVs; they don't exist. they're not AVs: my Pokemon has not candied. are they IVs? what?

They may be AVs. You also get AVs from leveling up :P
If you see it again and can remember, maybe grab a picture?
I can't upload onto the computor, sorry. I'll try to grab a level-up screen of google images.

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You mean the arrows in this? - (This was the best picture I could find :P)

Those show an increase in AV, which can be increased by Candies or Leveling Up (you gain 1 random AV while leveling up). :P


Hope I Helped!

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so it IS avs! thank you!
No problem! :P