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Thinking of doing an Oak Challenge and shiny hunting in My Newly Obtained Lets Go Pikachu but idk when shinies become unlocked or if they're immediately obtainable


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Yes, you can get shinies immediately

I see on r/ShinyPokemon that people do Shiny Badge Quests in LGPE. This involves getting a shiny for every badge, so they got a shiny before Brock, which means you should be able to get them immediately.

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Yes, you can get shinies as soon as you want. However, I recommend waiting for the shiny charm.
It is way easier to shiny hunt with the shiny charm, especially if you have siblings on your switch. Then your catch combos will be ruined if you don’t find a shiny fast. But the Pikachu and Eevee at the beginning of the game are Shiny-Locked in less hacked in.

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