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Since there's been a datamine, it looks like some people already have their hands on the game. Now seems as good a time as ever to ask my biggest question I've had about LGPE for a while; should I waste my time trying to get a little snowball Eevee?

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there are shiny eevee in the game, but they can't play dress-up, learn special moves, ride your head, etc.

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Yes, the starters are shiny locked, as confirmed among the many leaks from the past few days. In fact, the starters are believed to be the only Pokemon that are locked in the game.

If it lessens the blow at all, LGP/E completely lack a soft resetting function, so shiny hunting them would have been incredibly painstaking. (Here's a demo of what it looks like on Moltres. That intro sequence is painful. It's like they know.)

However, the starters also have flawless IVs by default, which may go some length to compensate.

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