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I can’t go underwater more than a few seconds. Is there an item I need to get, like the diving gear in oras?

There are only two places to use dive in. Also, were you in that underwater temple place? If you do certain things incorrectly, you get flushed out :P. And I think you do need divng gear... I'm not sure.
Yeah I’m at the underwater ruins. And yes I keep getting sent back to the surface.
Okay. Then... What's your problem (maybe you do need some kind of gear)?
The underwater temple forces you out on purpose. You need to take multiple trips to get everything. :P

This site actually has a really good page on it in the Maps/Puzzles section: https://pokemondb.net/maps/abyssal-ruins

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After selecting dive just press the 'up' button on the d-pad until you enter the tample.
Yes, its that much easy.

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Haha thanks. I was pressing the down button.