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I can't seem to get past the guy that sells the Rage Candy Bar to get to Route 44. He tells me to visit the Lighthouse in Olivine and the Pharmacy in Cianwood, but I have already healed the Ampharos. I have played this game MANY times and I have never had this problem before. Can anyone help?

Note to everyone who is looking on: I know the following thread exists, but the situation here is different to the one in that question afaik. So unless you've got some sweeping objection, we'll keep this one up.

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According to Bulbapedia, and my own experience, the story should progress as such:

After going to Mahogany Town, go to Lake of Rage and either Catch or KO the Red Gyrados. Then go fight Team Rocket in the tiny shop in Mahogany Town. Then fight the Gym in Mahogany Town. Then go to Goldenrod City to fight Team Rocket in the Radio Tower, and get the Silver WingSS/Rainbow WingHG from saving the Director.

The Silver Wing/Rainbow Wing allows you to get past the Rage Candy Bar Salesman, not curing Ampharos (you only need to do that to challenge the Olivine Gym). :P


Hope I Helped!