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I want to know becaus the lure ball is Amazing for fishing.
So like Lure ball, Fast Ball, Moonball and so on.


You only get one of Heavy Ball, Fast Ball, Lure Ball, and I think one or 2 more. Most Pokéballs are available in shops around Alola as well as Ball Shop in Festival Plaza, if you have one. :P
What level do you get ball shop in festival plaza?
The shops that you get from festival plaza are random, so you just need to get lucky. If you get Festival Plaza to a high enough level, you can also buy shops from other people's plazas. :P

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These Pokéballs can be bought an unlimited number of times:
Pokéball, Great Ball, Ultra Ball: Route 1, Route 2, Route 5, Route 8, Route 16, Hau'oli City, Heahea City, Konikoni City, Malie City, Mount Hokulani, Paniola Town, Royal Avenue, Royal Avenue, Seafolk Village, Tapu Village
Premier Ball: Buy 10 or more Poké, Great or Ultra Balls at a time from any location.
Repeat Ball: Paniola Town
Timer Ball: Paniola Town, Royal Avenue
Nest Ball: Route 2, Royal Avenue
Net Ball: Paniola Town
Dive Ball: Route 8
Luxury Ball: Route 2
Heal Ball: Route 2, Royal Avenue
Quick Ball: Route 8
Dusk Ball: Route 8
Beast Ball: Aether Paradise

These Pokéballs are limited supply:
Level Ball: Heahea City, Mount Hokulani
Lure Ball: Blush Mountain, Heahea City
Moon Ball: Mount Hokulani
Friend Ball: Heahea City, Malie City
Love Ball: Heahea City
Heavy Ball: Heahea City, Mount Hokulani
Fast Ball: Heahea City, Mount Hokulani
Master Ball: Aether Paradise, Hau'oli City (via perfect score in lottery), Festival Plaza (lottery)

Soures for each are linked.

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