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If I gave my (example) Charizard 10 speed evs from battling (In the game OBVIOUSLY ...Cough...Drako...), then sent it to the pokewalker and had it level up, would the evs give the speed stat a higher boost or would it have an ev-less increase? I mean do evs affect pokewalker level-ups? Or is it just like a Rare Candy level up without battling (no evs)?

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Generally, when you level up in the Pokewalker, you don't see your stat gains.
If your Charizard gained ten Speed EVs, than eventually the game would calculate it to boost Speed since it doesn't always distribute it right away.

When you level up in the Pokewalker, it IS indeed like a Rare Candy level up, or a Daycare level up where you just gain a level rather than EVs. Keep in mind, the game will not give you your EVs right away, so If you see no difference or anything, don't fret.

Sorry if I didn't answer your question, it was a little hard to understand it, but I hope I did. ~

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The pokewalker is more like the daycare with steps, but yeah, it is EV-less leveling.

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