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My Charizard was in my pokewalker ok? When I tried to bring it back, it returned (because the pokewalker is empty) but it says it's still walikng on my DS. I think this happened because it froze while saving right when he returned, and I had to shut it off, even though it corrupted to save file.

The save file is fine -whew- but Charizard is still gone. I was going to reset, but it said if I did, I can't send any different Pokemon to the pokewalker once charizard comes back. What do I do? I don't only want to walk with him from now on! will switching batterys fix that once I reset it. (I havent yet) I asked this exact same question again because people are overlooking it because it was answered. It was a HORRIBLE answer, so I only want an answer from someone who actually KNOWS the for-sure answer OK?

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What you said makes no sense at all. Please clarify.

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Sorry about your Charizard, It could be swtuck in there for a LONG time.

First of all, changing the battery does not reset the memory.

First, If you press certain buttons all at once on the Pokewalker menu (I THINK it was li9ke B, R &L and Up or somthing), It will force you Charizard back to the Pokewalker without connecting though.

The watts and levels you gaINED while Charizard was in the Pokewalker will not be recorded, :(, but your Charizard will be safley returned to the place in the PC where yo left it.

If you do this and try to forget about the whole incedent, I may seem like your Charizard never even went to your Pokewalker.

(If youre worried about the Pokewalker nor responding to the DS in future connects, It will respond, luckily, so DONT stress yourself).