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I NEED TO KNOW to exist.


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The entree forest is in the Entra Link , And you don't " Level " it up.

Although, you can gane Points in the dream world if that is what you meant.
Also, You can only access the Entra Link if you are in a area around it.
You get to it from the wireless section in your C-Gear


Where is it inside of Entreeforest
Where is what?
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Ok i think you are talking about the entree forest, you will find it in the Entralink

(power on C-Gear and choose wireless then entralink)

And in the north part there you will find the forest, there you can collect the pokemons you befriend on the dream world

about your leveling up question i think you got it wrong, you can't level up your forest, but you can complete missions in the entralink, (you need a friend with any of the 2 versions) , when you complete a mission you will get a white or black level (depending on which version you acces)

i think thats pretty much all u need to know, i hope i helped

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No calafox you understand you get powers for the pass orb when you level up the ENTREE NOT ENTRALINK!!!!