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I am trying to make the best pokemon team that I can, but I have to level up pokemon from scratch. I know this is a lame question, but how can I level up my pokemon faster? I don't want to use hacks (I can't, anyway), and I need to do get the pokemon to lv.100 by June. I have a rare case, for I want to use pokemon from both Diamond and White, and I have school, like many kids, and can't spend that much time leveling up pokemon. I'm, well, not even at the 4th gym, and I need some advise on leveling up quickly. Please help me!!! :S

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Well...but tell no one :D After you let daycare couple train your Pokémon...
This can be done on BW, too! Go to Battle Subway, after coming there take 2/3 steps left (I´m not sure, check) and do the same. It´s just because BW has no such place that hurls you.

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In Pokemon Black/White you can go to routes with tall grass, and if you see it shaking it will most likely be an Audino.

Audino + lucky egg = a very good bit of EXP, but that's if you wanna run around for awhile and wait for the grass.

The daycare is pretty good but they will learn moves on their own so be careful with that.

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