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for my t-room team I have a quiet 31 S.attack iv Porygon2 I am puting 252 evs in S. attack. Should I put 252 in hp and 6 in def or 124 in S.def and 134 def.

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I would Say that you should go with 252 Special Attack/128 Defense/128 Special Defense and the rest on HP because the more defense/special defense you have, the more boost you have from Eviolite.
EDIT - I would think twice before Maxing Special attack - with 252 on both defenses and 4 on HP you can wall pretty much everything, and the Quiet-31 IVs boost would work enough. After all, Porygon2 with Eviolite is a tank, and he does have a decent special attack, it will deal damage nicely with Adaptability Stab moves (I'd suggest to pair with Conversion and Bolt-Beam)

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it is trick room so i need it to hit as hard as possible