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I've had a egg in my party for 3days now. Why won't it hatch??

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Basically I got the egg from a ranger in Pokemon Black route 17 and It won't hatch. For 3daysish its been in my party and the egg watch has remained at "dosent seem close to hatching" Why is it taking so long??

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4 Answers

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The pokemon is Larvesta. It takes 10,240 steps to hatch. That's probably why.

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It is Larvesta. Close to a legendary Pokemon but not quite, it is a bug and fire that evolves into Volcarona. Also make sure your taking a lot of steps(because steps make eggs hatch and not time) and not getting into a tun of battles. Also if you have friends to link to you can get hatching power.
P.S. Riding your bike counts as walking too.

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Also, if you have a pokemon with flame body add them to your party as they make eggs hatch in a lot less steps.
Also, without flame body, it takes 10,240 step
Cool!  Even I didn't know that!
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a good place to hatch eggs is marvalous bridge on your bike

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More like a strip of bare land
It is Larvesta has it hatched yet?
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Yea , because eggs in pokemon dont hatch depending on time , they hatch depending on the number of steps you have taken .
Use any of the above strateges and you'll be a happy trainer of a larvesta .

Cheers !! ;)

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