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I just got an eevee egg that I want to hatch so badly I have a magmar but idk if it'll improve the status because it doesn't show on stats it has flame body ability.


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You will just have to wait a while, because abilities weren't introduced until Gen III, so you gotta wait. I don't know what Dr. Dude was thinking about :P

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Heh, I even think having a magmar in your party makes it slower. its been in the middle of the night to morning by now, and it still says *"I wonder what's inside? It needs more time, though."*
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No, you will need Flame Body on Magmar if you want the egg to hatch faster. Or you can get a Pokemon with the Magma Armor ability which works also.

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How do I know if Flame Body is on Magmar? Its on pokemon crystal, but if its a item, how do i get it?
Flame Body is an ability. Go to "summery" and under "ability" it  will either say Flame Body or Vital Spirit.
isn't Vital Spirit HA? they weren't introduced in Gen 2
there wasn't any abilitys at all in gen 2
oh yeah