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Hi I have a few questions about Pokemon Crystal
First of all I'm playing on the computer at playr.com cause I don't have a gameboy
1. I can't seem to get the time capsule to work, I try to trade to my Yellow game (also on the computer) and it keeps saying "Please wait..." then "Your friend is not ready" I have nooo idea what this means. Help?
2. I bred my Jolteon with my Ditto because I wanted an Eevee so I could get an Umbreon. First, does anyone know if that will work? Second, I've been walking around WAY longer than I should need to in order to get it to hatch, literally continuous walking for DAYS. It still says "Wonder what's inside? It needs more time, though." Literally DAYS. Help?
3. I'm just lost on how to defeat Red in Mt. Silver. I haven't even tried yet but I've heard it's really hard. By the way, I have all 5 legendaries (Ho-Oh, Lugia, Entei, Raikou, and Suicune).
4. Agh I'm just annoyed that my egg won't hatch!!! Please help!

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  1. You can't trade on playr.org, that's just how it is.

  2. Yes that will work; when an Eeveelution breeds with a Ditto, the egg will be an Eevee. Eevees take 9180 steps to hatch. It's not a glitch that you're walking around so long, it's just how it is.

  3. It's probably because you're not at a high enough level. You need to be around level 73+ to be able to take him on. You also need some fighting moves to be able to deal with his Snorlax, and 3 out of 5 of your legendaries are weak to electric, so train a Ground type. I suggest Geodude because Pikachu only has normal and electric moves.

  4. Do something else while walking around with the egg, like training for Red.

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Thanks so much!!!!! :)
The level you can take him on at depends on your party tbh.  I took him on with all lvl60 pokemon.  Beat him.  Just switch out to not let him have type advantage.  Use staus effects and ez pz.