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I found Regice in ultra space when heading to Necozma but then postgame I came back and even after multiple
Tries found no legendary Pokemon. why?

Did you found normal Pokémon instead?
Yes I did.

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According to the strategy guide, you need to travel thousands of light years into space to increase the chance of encountering legendaries - at least 2,500 light years, and at 4,000 light years the rarity bonuses stop.

There are 4 types of warp hole. The further you go the more likely you are to encounter the rare ones

  • Warp holes will almost definitely never have legendary Pokémon
  • Warp holes with a light orange ring will rarely have legendary Pokémon
  • Warp holes with a light purple ring outside of a yellow ring will sometimes have legendary Pokémon
  • Warp holes with double purple rings will frequently have legendary Pokémon

The tips to get further is to avoid the electrified (blue) spheres and collect as many orange spheres as you can.

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yes you can. in the ultra space ride, the further you go, the rarer the Pokemon. look for wormholes that have 2 rings circling it and ringg circling those 2 rings. you'll know what I'm talking about when you see it. when you enter one of these wormholes,mif you get the message "you feel an overwelming presence" you have a legendary. you can only catch each legendary once, so don't catch it if you want to shiny hunt it later. I made that mistake, and the only shiny legendary I can hunt for now is landorus. hope I helpped

Thanks both of you.