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So I have 4 level 100 Synchronise Alakazams with the natures Timid, Jolly, Adamant and Modest, and I use these for shiny hunting in Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon during SOS Battles; however I need one moveset for killing the non-shiny Pokemon called in by the original (I.e. The first 569 Tentacool before a shiny appears) as Synchronise is only active whilst the synchroniser is on the field. The moveset needs:
- Reliable Recovery
- A fairly strong attacking move with decent PP (15+)
- A move to hit Pokemon immune to the one above

Thanks as I am about to try getting
a) Shiny Grubbin (OverDrive)
b) Shiny Tentacool/Tentacruel (Icky)


The one I use at the moment which needs improving:

Alakazam @Leftovers
Ability: Synchronise
Evs: 252 SpA / 252 Spe / 4 HP
Nature: Timid/Modest/Adamant/Jolly
Shadow Ball
Future Sight

Alakazam Learnset

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Can I also point out I have about 3k+ Leppa Berries but I would still like a decent PP move. Maybe Psybeam?
If you have a fainted pokemon in the first spot in your party that has synchronize, it still applies; however, I don't know if this applies to SOS pokemon as well, but it is something you may want to consider (If it does), because then you won't have to use Alakazam at all (Even though you leveled them to 100, as I assume you did that.) You can still ask for a good SOS moveset, though you may want a status move instead of loading up attacking moves. :P
No, synchronise only apples to the first Pokemon, then the synchroniser has to be on the field until a shiny is called for the 50% to take effect. At the front of the party doesn't work.
Edited the title slightly so it’s not strictly a moveset question. Keeping this as it were would mean we hypothetically allow people to post a few hundred new moveset threads for shiny hunting, which would be ridiculous.
Yeah, was slightly concerned about that. Thanks anyway, as 200 moveset questions would probably nullify MovesetBot entirely!

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Alakazam isn't a great SOS Chainer.
Reliable Recovery
Use Recover (Leveling Up). I think its the only recovering move of Alakazam.
A strong attacking move with decent HP
Problem. Psychic (Leveling Up), Psyshock (Leveling Up) and most Psychic moves have only 10 PP. You may use PP max? Shadow ball has 15 PP, and it's also strong. You can use Psybeam, If your Alakazam is higher leveled. But your Alakazam's level is 4. Psycho Cut sucks, Alakazam's Atk is only 50. You can use Psycho cut if your alakazam's nature is adamant.
a move to hit Pokemon immune to above
Ressistant? Grubbin and Tentacraul don't resist Shadow ball. (TMs)

Fourth move: Use Thunder Wave. (TM)

Please level up your 4 Alakazam. You need to use Psychic, because your Alakazam is not higher leveled.

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'False Swipe is on a SEPERATE SCIZOR entirely'
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Not all psychic attacks have 10 base PP. Confusion has 25.
Yeh I think I may use psybeam as it has more power, but only 5 less PP.
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Well, if your Alakazam is Lv. 100, it doesn't need the most powerful move to OHKO opposing Pokemon. I recommend this moveset:

Alakazam @ Leppa Berry
Ability: Synchronise
EVs: 252 HP, 128 Def, 128 SpD
Nature: Timid / Modest / Adamant / Jolly
-Confusion / Thief
-Grass Knot
-Psycho Cut / Dazzling Gleam

Confusion has 25 base PP. This is one of Alakazam's highest options. Thief has equal PP and hits dark types, however. Grass Knot and Psycho Cut have 20 base PP, so they are good options as well. Dazzling Gleam, however can be good if you are battling a high level dark Pokemon and Grass Knot won't OHKO. Recover is Alakazam's highest PP recovery move. Leppa Berry is a better item choice in my opinion, because Alakazam can already recover reliably using Recover, and the 10 extra PP is very useful. Finally, I recommend a defensive EV spread, as Alakazam appreciates the extra bulk for more longevity, and he is probably already going to outspeed and OHKO everything without the EVs.

Good luck. :)

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I would think the best spread would be 252 HP/252 Def bold because its special defense is also already really good. Thief has the same base PP as confusion and can be stronger against psychic and dark Pokemon, so it might be better than confusion in some cases.
Oh lol I forgot about that.
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Alakazam isn't that bad of an S.O.S chain utility. He has acces to Synchronize (of course), and has access to Recover (your decent recovery), and suprisingly has recycle.

[email protected] Berry
Nature: Timid/Modest
Ability: Synchronize
- Confusion 25 PP (Max 40)
- Shock Wave 20 PP (Max 32)
- Recycle 10 PP (Max 16)
- Recover 10 PP (Max 16)

Alakazam's Nature does not affect the nature being Synchronized. your lead Pokemon when you start the battle will have its nature synchronized as long as your Synchronizer (Alakazam) is on the field. The Timid nature is most recommended though Modest can still be used to "hit harder." The Leppa Berry is used with recycle so that your Alakazam will never run out of PP.

Confusion is the main move that gains STAB (allowing you to OHKO many weaker Pokemon such as grubbin, and hit super effectively on Tentacool), while Shock Wave is used because it never misses (great for S.O.Sing Pokemon like Eevee and Rockruff with sand attack). Recycle allows you to not have to spam leppa berries in your bag, and Recover is self explanatory.