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I’ve beaten the Elite Four and driven Team Rocket out of Five Island. Bulbasaur was my starter. I have been searching everywhere in Kanto (grassy areas) but cannot find him.


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Entei’s a roamer, so its location changes very frequently. After you’ve encountered it once, you’ll be able to check its current location using the Pokédex, but until then, encountering it is pretty luck-based. You can either trade one to your game to register it in your Pokédex, or you can use the tall grass on the border between Pallet Town and Route 1 to find it relatively easily. Lead your party with a Pokémon between level 6 and 50 (the higher the better, but it can’t exceed 50), use a repel, and then go in and out of the route, going through the grass as you do. The repel will keep away the regular Pokémon on that route, and entering/exiting the area will reroll Entei’s location. Do this enough and eventually Entei will appear on the route.

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Thank you!
i cant find entei in my pokeded it stops at 229 pokemon (houndoom)
You need to have encountered Entei first. Keep in mind that the roamer you get depends on your starter (Entei for Bulbasaur, Suicune for Charmander, Raikou for Squirtle).
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Well, just keep looking. As it says on the Entei Pokedex in Pokemondb.net, it is rare. You can also encounter it in a cave as well.