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No, you cannot.

It can only learn Psycho Cut through an Kadabra/Alakazam Drowzee, Hypno, Meditite/Medicham, Spinda, or another bisharp/pawniard* that had it bred on.

It can only learn Stealth Rock through Chimichar/Monferno/Infernanpe

*=the pokemon learns psycho cut through breeding and can pass it to pawniard when bred with pawniard.

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In order to get it on Chimchar, you need to teach it via tm 76 in gIV and transfer it.
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No,As you can only breed Psycho Cut from Alakazam and Kadabra,and Stealth Rock only from Chimchar and
it's evolutions
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breed with alakazam
then breed pawnard with any pokemon with breeding group human shape
i dont think there are any though

hope this helps :)

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