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I'm using Mega Medicham for the first time since people don't use him that often and I want it to learn these egg moves. Any suggestions? Thanks so much for helping me out!

i dont think there is a pokemon in the Human-Like egg group that can learn all of them :/
The Alakazam family can learn all three moves and is your best bet. Another option is using Hypno to teach it Psycho Cut and Drain Punch, and then using a move relearner to teach it Thunderpunch. I know nothing about breeding mechanics so I'll let someone else answer with actual instructions for you.

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In X & Y, this is how to do it.

Thunder Punch - no need to breed, Medicham can relearn it with a Heart Scale as it learns the move at Lvl 1.

Drain Punch - Mienfoo or Mienshao

Psycho Cut - Kadabra or Alakazam


  1. breed female Medicham w/ male Meinshao that knows Drain Punch
  2. breed resulting FEMALE Meditite (that has Drain Punch) with male Kadabra that knows Psycho Cut

Those 2 moves will pass down to the resulting Meditite, because female Pokemon can now also pass down egg moves, and just evolve the Meditite into a Medicham and use a Heart Scale on it for Thunder Punch.

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I thought I should mention Medicham already knows thunderpunch at lv <1>. Just take it to Location: Dendemille Town in Pokemon x/y and visit the move remember, you'll need 1x heart scale, which is found at many places in the game, route 5 (smashing rocks), capturing luvdiscs or by joinging Pokemon global link HERE! (you'll need to register your ds to play) + you'll need poke miles.

My medicham knows - Fake out, Drain punch, Thunderpunch and poison jab .