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I'm trying to breed a Zorua who has the moves Sucker Punch and Dark pulse. I've never bred for this reason before so I'm kinda confused. I bred a liepard with sucker punch with my zoroark and I did get a baby Zoroua with Sucker punch... I now have a weavile with dark pulse. However, the female zorua with sucker punch won't pass down the sucker punch will it?

Please help, I'm so confused =S

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Female Pokemon can not pass down moves. The easiest way for you to pass down both Sucker-punch and Dark-pulse to Zorua is to breed it with a male Smeargle with Sucker-punch and Dark-pulse. For more info on Zorua breeding: http://pokemondb.net/pokedex/zorua/egg

Note: You should not teach Zorua both those moves. One Dark type move is good.

Awesome, thanks =]. Not sure why I didn't think of that =p.

Also, for the move choice, I was following the all-out attacker zoroark set found on smogon http://www.smogon.com/bw/pokemon/zoroark

Thank you for your answer.
Your welcome.