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I'm currently chaining for a shiny Caterpie in Let's Go Eevee, and I'm aware that usually the second action in the Pokedex a Pokemon performs means it's about to flee. With all the other Pokemon I've shiny chained and caught, they've all had two or more actions.

However, what about the Pokemon with one singular action? Can you tell when they're about to flee, or do they not run away? I'm worried about loosing my catch combo.

(Let's go Pikachu and Eevee)


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By action do you mean turns/moves? I’m not really sure about a second action in the Pokédex, but there is a way to ensure you won’t lose your catch combo.

If the first pokeball you throw does not catch the Pokémon, run away from it. Pokémon cannot run away from you before you throw a pokeball, so to be safe I always run away if the first pokeball I throw doesn’t work (since running doesn’t affect the chain) Also, the only ways you can break the chain are if:

1) You defeat the Pokémon
2) The Pokémon runs away from you
3) You close your game (close the software)
4) Catch another species of Pokémon

I hope this answer helped you! Good luck on catching your shiny Caterpie! :)

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