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So, I'm at the part where you have to beat Dusknoir and his Sableye army but I can't seem to get past the wild Pokemon. I don't have many items and my starter is Shinx (partner is Riolu). Shinx knows Bite+1, Thunder Fang, Crunch, and Wide Slash. Riolu knows Bite, Feint, Force Palm, and Poison Jab.

I have no reviver seeds, oran berries, or any useful items. Can someone please help? Much appreciated! Hell, I'll even restart if someone can suggest a good starter/partner combo (preferably female for the starter)

(Oh and fyi: I'm using a DS emulator on my phone so I can't send the mail links)

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For me you better train a lot first..
Then just make your team use Dark type moves againts them..
Shinx: Bite, Crunch
Riolu: Bite