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There are 386 different items including Pokemon's specific items, and I only have 277.
I still need 109 and the Pokemon's specific items to complete it and I don't know what items I need.
Is there any place where I can see the items I need?

This isn't what I'm looking for! Stop posting this as answer!
Also if you don't know about PMD, don't answer.

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I highly doubt there's a person who will tell you which items you don't have... you can just look at a full list of items and see which items you don't have. That should be generally pretty easy.
When you get a new item in the dungeon, it will make +1 in the Items aciquered Adventure Log, the problem is that some items I have used and they become useless, making I sold them or they disappear after being consumed.
Oh okay that would make sense. xD
I think you'll first have to go to a place or setting where you can see your inventory (items) and then check for what you're missing
I don't know much about the Mystery Dungeon series, but it seems **serebii.net** has a full list of items which are present in MD Explorers of the Sky. You can see which items you have and which ones are you missing.


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How do I know the items I'm missing? I can't see if I have already obtained that item.. this isn't what I'm looking for.

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Unfortunately, there is no intuitive way to figure out which items you have and which ones you haven't gotten yet. So unfortunately. You'll have to just go through every single item listed on the Serebii page and attempt to collect it. If the item can't be found, you've probably already gotten it and you can move on to the next one.

I'm sorry that there's no easier way of doing this (besides resetting your game). Good luck!

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I don't see how resetting the game is helping
As for the items though, I'm pretty sure that there must be some place where you can view them
You can view the items you currently have, but not the ones you've collected and sold.
I don't understand how OliDSi's answer gets converted, but this one doesn't. Is there something I'm missing?
It was just wording.  OliDSi said that the Serebii page would give info on which items you have and which ones are missing., which is untrue.