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pokemon that are commonly confused for legends e.g. Lucario

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I'll just say this:

Phione is perhaps the most controversial Pokemon when it comes to status as a legendary. In fact, nobody is quite sure on whther or not it should be considered a legendary. It changes from being a legend to not being a legend all the time.

Also, everybody seems to think Rotom is a legendary (as can be seen by the comment I recieved). I never understood why people think this, even before I became the Pokemon Master I am now I never thought it was a legendary.

There are some others that people think of from time to time, such as Lucario and Zoroark, due to them having their own movies.

You might get some people thinking things like Arcanine and Spiritomb, but those occurances are rare. Due to the high level at which you catch it ingame, Volcarona can also be mistaken as a legendary.

Perhaps you might get some other legendary claims fom time to time. Perhaps someone would even claim Pidgey to be a legendary, but these single thoughts are of no importance.

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Phione is a legendary as is Rotom.
Rotom is not a legendary, and Phione is on the border.
Phione is. I always thought Rotom was but i'm not sure anymore since reading this page http://nintendo.wikia.com/wiki/Legendary_Pokemon
A more reliable site is bulbapedia. Bulbapedia says Phione is not a legendary, but that there is much debate on the subject. Rotom, no reliable site will say it is a legendary.
Thanks trachy :). That clears it up for me.
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Well, the dragon types are usually taken for legends.
Here are some others that I think:
Rotom,(this one's even got me confused)

If there are any more, please let me know.

Man! My username changed while I was answering the question!
Don't forget about Zoroark.
Zoroark! How could I forget him/her?
no he isn't he can breed
I know. But he's a pokemon lots of people THINK is a legendary.
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Here's a list of what i feel :




All the pseudo-legendaries ( Garchomp , tyranitar , dragonite-one of the biggest , salamence , metagross , hydreigon and also Slaking- due to the higher stats it has )

Maybe for some people the over evolved pokemon ( dusknoir , rhyperior , magmortar , electivire , kingdra )

Milotic ( Due to the difficulty in getting a feebas and evolving it many feel it is a legendary )

Volcarona ( Really good stats and rare type combo + difficult level to evolve )

Arcanine And Gyarados ( Due to arcanine being the non-legandary and non pseudo with the highest stats it has been considered as almost a legandary and many do take him as one )-(Gyarados due to the shiny/red gyarados appearance it has been debated as a legendary , also due to the difficulty in raising a magikarp)

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Basically any pokemon to appear in one of the movies before that season of the show and region of the games was introduced (e.g. Lucario, Zoroark, ect.) is not a legendary though at the time that they were introduced most people probably thought that they were.

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  • Togekiss. I only started wondering about this one because early on in HG/SS. When you have the Togepi egg, the Kimono girl mumbles there being something 'Legendary' about the egg and it's evolutions, then never to be mentioned again... :S. Correct me if i'm wrong.

  • Milotic. Pity about this one, i think they should have just left out Feebas and made it a Legendary. It reminds me of Cresselia. Also, could've benefited from a split type instead of just Water.

  • Arcanine. I guess everybody knows this one but when the first games where released there was confusion because of the mention of Legendary in it's description. One of my all time favourite Pokemon anyway.

  • Zorua and Zoroark.

  • Froslass. Just should have been in my personal opinion.

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