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Okay, so in Pokemon Crystal, Route 39, there's a patch of grass where you can find Pokefan Ruth. After beating her, she will tell you that she met her Meowth there and that Meowth "become friendlier" at that patch of grass than anywhere else in the game or something to that effect. What I want to know is what she meant by that. Does a Meowth's happiness increase at a faster rate at that spot than anywhere else? Does it gain slightly more experience there? Is this just NPC filler?

I know this is probably one the most trivial, irrelevant questions someone could ask about Pokemon, but it's driving me crazy not knowing what she means when she says this or if there's any validity behind it! I'd really appreciate another's perspective or input on this!


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Crystal was the first game to track met location, so to help take advantage of that, there's a new mechanic that applies in that game only: if any Pokemon (not just Meowth) would gain happiness from leveling up in the same location you met it (not necessarily route 39), it gains twice as much. This doesn't affect experience, money, or anything else.

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