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I've been told that you need a certain number of dream points to get to the different areas of the dream world, but I don't know how to get any, can you help me?


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I believe you get points by playing the mini games. Not completely sure as to how it works though.

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You have to play mini games with pokemon in pleasant forest till you unlock enough points for new areas and pokemon to appear.


thank you, that's really informational. But where is pleasant forest? Is it on the c gear somehow or is it on the map?
Once you use Game Sync under the online function and then go on your computer at http://en.pokemon-gl.com/ to register an account fo DW.  Then you can use  C-Gear to tuck in a pokemon.  Then go back on your computer and login to your account.  You will see a house.  If you hit the left arrow, you'll see berries.  Hit it again and you'll see a rainbow bridge.  Go over it to arrive in pleasant forest.