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I'm going to start using the Dream World, but I want to know all of the ways you can obtain points in it,

I so far have absolutely no clue how, please give a detailed Answer, Something better than what I could scrape up from googling it.


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Watering another player's Berries 10 Points
Winning a minigame 20 Points
Gain a Dream Pal 30 Points
Log in to PGL* 50 Points

Trading items via Share Shelf 1 Point
Picking berries 10 Points
Watering a friend's berries 10 Points
Winning a minigame 10 to 30 Points
Sending a new Pokémon to the Entree Forest 50 Points

telling how many points you have: in your dream house you see a mark above their head
... 0-99 Points
the face 100-299 Points
music note 300-499 Points
heart 500+ Points

pretty strange, when usa gets the cafe the point system will change

source bulbapedia

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1 Point
Trade items with your friend

10 Points
Water your friend's Berries

20 Points
Complete mini-games in the Island of Dreams

30 Points
Make Dream Pals with someone